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AtomiSoft bvba
Sint-Lambertusplein 6
1020 Brussel
VAT: BE 461.228.763
HR Brussel 616.008
Bank: ING 335-0518595-79
zaakvoerder: ir. Frans Truyens

Trainingroom rental

If you rent our trainingroom, we cannot be held liable for any damage or theft of material, damage of material caused by fire or any personal injury of one of your employees. If you want an insurance against those risks, you have to take an insurance yourself.

We rent our ICT trainingroom with PC's and with MicroSoft software licences. If you need special software, you have to install it yourself. Of course, you need to have the appropriate software licences for this.

We can not be held liable for software that does not function.


If you want a copy of a picture on our website or a copy of a roadmap, feel free to download them from our website. You are allowed to use them, in a positive context, in your brochures.


All our invoices are due in 30 days. If an invoice is not paid on time, a penalty of 15% has to be paid. Also a monthly fee of 2% per month will be charged. Only the courts of Brussels are allowed.