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Bookshops where you can buy books about MS Access and .NET

There are many bookshops in Belgium. But if you need a book about software development I strongly recommend Het computerwinkeltje, www.hcw.be. They have a bookshop in Mechelen, Brugge and in Ieper. If you don't find the book you are looking for there, well then I am afraid that you won't find it anywhere in Belgium.

For those who are French speaking, the FNAC in City 2, Brussels, also has interesting books. Their choice of software books is, by far, not so large as these of "Het computerwinkeltje", and the books are mostly in French.

If you are often organizing trainings, as we do, you will have to buy for instance 5 books of the same title. A normal bookshop cannot do this. We order our books from ASDU, www.asdu.be. ASDU is a bookshop for businesses, they don't have a shop, but if you ask them they will send you their catalogue. They are cheaper than a normal bookstore, they have a huge stock and they ship the books to you by Libris. The shippingcosts are charged by weight and are low.

There is also a Waterstones bookshop in Brussels, www.waterstones.be. It is an 'English' bookshop. Unfortunately it is a rather small shop and it is not possible to have books shipped for free from their English shops. They are rather expensive, nevertheless, you can give them a try.

Compared to the English speaking countries, like the USA and the UK, the bookshops in Belgium are rather small. Their stock of books is rather limited. Also when they order a book, you have to wait a long time.

Another possibility is www.Amazon.com . They have all the books you can imagine, but the shipping costs are rather high. We ordered several out-of-print books, second hand, from them. When you buy a second hand book, the book itself is cheap, but the shipping cost, by boat, is about 20 US$. It also takes about 4 weeks for the book to arrive in Belgium.

If you really need a certain book, they always have it at Barnes&Nobles, but they only have shops in the USA and the UK. Their bookshops are huge! Should you be in the States for business or on holiday, do buy the book there!