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Almost all books about MS Access VBA are reference books, that means that they are thick. If you are professional developer, you need books, because if you are stuck with a problem, you have to solve it yourself. Don't save money on books, they can save your project!

Often people ask whether I can recommend them a book about MS Access VBA 97.

If you have some experience with MS Access and no programming knowledge yet, than I recommend Beginning MS Access 97 VBA Programming of Wrox Press. This book is also suited for people who have experience with another programming language but didn't program in MS Access yet. The books of Wrox Press are all written in 'academic' style, the writing style is very clear and concise.

If you want a detailed reference book, and if you are a professional programmer you need such books, I recommend MS Access 97 Developer's Handbook of Sybex. Sybex books are, in general, thick books and of type 'reference' books.

WROX Press

My opinion about Wrox Press: Academic style of writing, concise and clear
Beginning Access 95 VBA Programming
Beginning Access 97 VBA Programming
Beginning Access 2000 VBA
Professional Access 2000 Programming
My opinion about Sybex: Reference style of books, complete
MS Access 2 Developer's Handbook
MS Access 95 Developer's Handbook
MS Access 97 Developer's Handbook
MS Access 2000 Developer's Handbook Volume1: Desktop Edition
MS Access 2000 Developer's Handbook Volume2: Enterprise Edition
MicroSoft Press
MS Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide
MS Access 97 Power Programming
Formation Rapide Access 97 Visual Basic
Access Developer's Toolkit
Access 2.0 Developer's Guide