Fixed prices projects
Consulting services

We prefer to work on a fixed price basis. We describe the project we are going to develop on paper and then develop it for the price agreed. The development processus can, roughly, be divided into 4 steps.

Step 1: Meeting each other
The first step consists of meeting each other. You invite us in your offices, or we invite you in our office in Brussels. We sit around the table and discuss the solution you want. We will ask questions and take notes.
Step 2: Price offer
We return to our offices and prepare a price offer, you will receive our price offer within 10 working days. The functionality of the application is explained with drawings and text, the timeschedule of the development is explained and the price. Of course, the price offers are always free.
Step 3: Modifications to the price offer
If you have any remarks about our price offer, we will modify it accordingly.
Step 4: Development and installation
When we receive a signed order confirmation, we will develop the application in our offices, or at your location. We will install the application and give you a short user training.

Remember, we have satisfied clients!