Trainingrooms in Brussels
Meetingrooms in Brussels

Default installation of the PC's

Windows VISTA Service Pack 1
MS Office 2003 in three languages: English, Dutch and French
Other software?
You are free to install your own software. At the end of every session, all the PC's are reset with Norton Ghost to the default installation.
There is no security on our trainingroom network. So there is no hassle with passwords or permissions.
More Technical network details.
You are free to modify the network installation.

Before the start of every new trainingsession the network is reset, with Norton Ghost, to the following situation.

All PC's participate in the workgroup ATOMISOFT, there is no domain installed. The users login into ATOMISOFT as user 'Administrator' with a blank password.

NIC's (Network adapters)
All the PC's have an integrated NIC on the motherboard.

IP Addresses of the NIC's
The DHCP server will assign an IP address on startup. You are able to connect your own notebook to our network. Also there is a WIFI network. Ask for the login at the reception.

ADSL connection to the internet
All PC's are connected to the internet with an ADSL router.

More information about the PC's in the trainingroom.
11 PC's in trainingroom 1
Student 1 to Student 10 and Trainer:
- Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
- 1 Gigabyte memory
- 10/100 MBit NIC
- DVD Writer
- HDD 250 Giga, 7200 rpm
The Planet Fast Ethernet Switch, FSD-1600, has 16 ports.
4 PC's in trainingroom 2
Student 9, 10, 11 and 12
- Intel P3 1.33 GHz
- 384 MByte SDRAM
- 10/100 MBit NIC
- CD Rom
- HDD 40 Giga, 7200 rpm.
Both the videocard and the NIC are on the motherboard ASUS TUSI-M of type Socket 370.
The NexHub network hub has 16 ports.
PC in the coffeeroom
- Intel PII 350 Mhz
- 10/100 MBit NIC
- SIS 6326 SVGA adapter